Our firm, which is one of the rare companies that provide high quality service throughout the country with the product options suitable for every taste and sake in the Turkish Furniture sector, has been established in Kayseri Hacilar Organized Industrial Expansion Zone of 57.000 m² with a closed area of 12000 m².

Our facilities increase its capacity by 40% by using the latest technology products on 01.03.2005 and are making progress in order to be able to continuously grow and provide the best service.

Our company's MRP, ERP system and TSE -ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system studies are improved day by day and continue with our team in professional and dynamic structure.

It has the happiness of delivering its products to the consumers keeping the quality, service and customer satisfaction with the front planner with nearly 500 sales points in the whole country.

Our company, which is open to new developments, is open to dealerships, presents its products to its customers with professional marketing policies and high quality and reasonable price, eye catching, every taste, modern design suitable for every occasion.